Mortal Fear

"Keep it Heavy, Keep it Real, Keep it Metal!!!"

Mortal Fear Band Members

Originally formed in 1985 by Ken Munro & Steve Turrer, their early originals drew on the doomy Black Sabbath tones, vocal phrasings reminicent of early Ozzy, while also incorporating riffing and guitar leads in the style of Judas Priest. Gradually, as their songwriting progressed the songs would become faster and more agressive in nature. An influence coming from such bands as Metallica & Slayer at a time when they were still considered underground.

An important change in Mortal Fear came in 1987 with the arrival of Pete Turrer (Bass) and John Currie (Drums). Due to their shared influence from bands like Rush and Yes, a more technical approach to the music's back end began to evolve. Experiments with incorporating different time changes were introduced while also trying to maintain the original “Mortal Fear” sound. This would be the line-up that fans would remember as the classic Mortal line-up.

From day 1, Mortal's goal was to play their own music and be known always as an original band. Playing the club circuit they developed an underground cult following and enjoyed a good run at establishing the band name in the Toronto area. This, especially at a time when the local trend for bands was to focus more and more on playing cover songs. However, as with most bands, members began to gradually go their separate ways and by late 1989 Mortal Fear disbanded. Unfortunately no studio recordings were made during these days and this loose thread would prove to be the catylist in drawing Mortal Fear back together in the future.

Following the break up of Mortal Fear, all members of the band went on to join other projects, recording and performing all throughout the 90's and 2000's. Notable accomplishments would include Steve Turrer recording “Do Or Die” as a member of Savage Steel. Signed to Maze music Savage Steel played many prestigious shows in Quebec and Ontario before their sudden break up. Steve, Pete and ironically John would get together again and form the hard rock band Frantic Waltz which recorded and played shows in the Toronto area. Marshall Birch and The Swampmonster soon followed afterwards with both Steve Turrer on rythym guitar and Pete Turrer on bass. More recently was Ken Munro co-founding and singing in the band The Blacklist, recording an EP in 2010 and playing various clubs around the Southern Ontario area.

Fast forward to Jan 2012. Steve & Pete, after taking a break from the music scene got together with John to begin jamming together again. As coincidence would have it Ken also showed up at one of these jams and began singing. This was the first time all 4 former members of Mortal Fear played together and it was clear that the chemistry between them was still present. In July 2012 the band was in the studio and a few months later Mortal Fear had finished it's first self-titled CD. Due to personal reasons John Currie left the band in Nov 2012, and after a thorough search, new drummer Steve Scott was welcomed into the Mortal Fear clan.

Steve Scott brings with him a vast experience of live performances. Having played the Ontario, Quebec & Western Canada circuit in various original bands (Black JuJu and SFD) and cover bands, he has opened for such notable national acts as: Kim Mitchell, April Wine, Anvil, The Georgia Satellites, Vince Neil & Rik Emmett.

Mortal's sound is one that is unique in today's metal scene. With their new line-up now established, the band is now hard at work supporting their CD. New material is also already written and plans are in the works to get back in the studio asap.